84 Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1687/8-89.
Liber B.
P. R. O.
that 10000 Seneca Indians were said to be inforting at the
head of patuxen River and the like whereupon it was ordered
by the Council Imediately to send a sufficient supply of Armes
and Amunicon to the said Coll Jowles with assurance of
further supplyes from time to time as occasion should require
As by the enclosed Coppys of our Letters to the said Coll
Jowles and Maj. Beale it doth and may appeare sayd Armes
and Amunicon being sent under the Conduct and care of his
honr Coll Digges And by the Council it was also ordered that
Coll Darnall should goe himself in person to the said Coll
Jowles and rest of the people in Armes to justify himself which
he accordingly did with that success that upon his arrivall at
Coll Jowles where were gathered about a hundred men in
Armes exercising to whome he gave such satisfacion that they
all parted satisfied every man to his owne home for that it
plainly appeareth they were abused there being no such thing
as any Indians at the head of the River nor anywhere else but
that all was quiet and well But such was the buisie spirits of
some ill designeing men that when there was noe such thing as
any Indians landed at the mouth of the Patuxen River then
it was reported that 9000 were landed at the mouth of
Patuxen River and 900 more landed at Choptico who it was
said had killed severall of the Inhabitants nameing perticularly
such and such all which appearing to be sham by the people
who were sayd to be killed appearing in person to the people
then in Armes as also that of the 9000 and 900 Indians
appearing to be false by the assurance of all the neighbour-
hood hath given that generall satisfacon to the people that
blesse God wee are all well and in perfect peace and quiet
there being noe other feares now Remaining But the Comeing
over of some Virginians occasion new Disturbances which wee
humbly desire may be speedily prevented by the care of the
honble the Governmt there and as to the calling home of the
Indians wee shall take such Imediate Cource therein as wee
doubt not will be satisfactory to that Governmt which with
hearty service is what at present
Honrd Sir
Mattapany 26 March Yr Honrs ever assured friends
1689 and humble servts
Wm Ioseph
Nich Sewall
Clement Hill
p. 220 March 16th 1688/9
Mr Burr Harris being sent by the Court to examine the
Indians of some discourse that was raised the Indians doth
declare that the King of Piscattaway hath hired the Seneca

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